Our Brands

Our Brands


Endura-Stone™ products are the first choice among builders and homeowners alike. These commercial-grade columns, balustrade, and millwork are perfect for both exterior and interior applications and feature historically-accurate designs and proportions. If your project calls for modern or contemporary architecture, we have a huge selection of products that will fit perfectly.

Manufactured from FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) this marble dust and resin material is one of the most advanced construction materials in the world. Being non-porous, Endura-Stone™ products are impervious to natural elements like water, heat, cold, insects, and are even Class A fire rated. While pound-for-pound stronger than steel, these products have the distinct and crisp detail of a hand-carved wood product, providing the warmth of traditional millwork and the strength and durability of modern materials.

Timber Craft Wood Millwork

Real wood architectural products have stood the test of time, which is why we developed our Timber-Craft line of natural wood products, including corbels, brackets, braces, gable vents and more. Utilizing technologies of today to build these ‘log and timber’ wood products, each of these items is hand assembled in Northeastern Texas using western red cedar or douglas fir. Every piece is made-to-order using non-kiln dried wood, highlighting the wood’s natural variations, grains, textures and colors. Our rustic collection is the perfect way to add a personal flare to a timeless architectural design and really make your project stand out.

Signature Series Wood Carvings

True hand-carved wood products are the most authentic category in millwork. Holding true to high-quality traditional craftsmanship, each of our Signature Series carvings was designed by master wood carvers and display impeccable detail. Offering both historically accurate and modern designs, our Signature Series millwork will meet any design requirements.

In pursuit of providing quality products, our Signature Carvings are crafted using wood that either meets or exceeds the requirements of the AWI, NHLA, KCMA, and The Hardwood Council. Each board is color-matched to provide a clean and consistent look and then glued up using the strongest Type-1 waterproof glue. When your project calls for authentic wood millwork, Signature Series wood carvings are the perfect choice.

Architectural Grade PVC

Architectural Grade PVC Millwork utilizes today’s innovative polymer material for traditional millwork applications. With an expanded cellular structure, our line of PVC products look and feel like wood, but have none of the natural disadvantages that wood comes with.

This line of corbels, brackets, balusters, columns, moulding, shutters, and millwork stand up to harsh weather, resist stains, scratches and fading, don’t require annual sealing, resist mold, mildew, and moisture damage, and can be easily installed with simple wood-working tools. If you are looking for a low-maintenance product that has the warmth of classic wood millwork, Architectural Grade PVC millwork is the perfect fit for you.

Lifetime Vinyl

Shutters have long been a staple way of adding value to a home and our Lifetime Vinyl Shutters make that decision even easier. These shutters are made of durable vinyl, one of today’s most versatile exterior materials. With a rich woodgrain molded into each pair, they are a great alternative to traditional wooden shutters, providing the look of wood, without the cost and upkeep.

They are lightweight, easy to maintain, and resistant to water damage, warping and peeling, and of course boast a lifetime warranty. Lifetime shutters are available in a full range of widths, heights, styles, and rich colors, making them perfect for virtually any style of architecture and design. Make a wise choice and pick the shutters that will last a lifetime.


Endura-Craft™ architectural millwork combines the workability, look, and feel of wood, with the advantages of today’s modern materials. This high-performance material gives your projects the crisp, architectural detail reminiscent of traditional wood moulding, railing, columns, and millwork, but will last forever.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, all Endura-Craft products will retain a like-new appearance through the natural tests of heat, cold, moisture, and time. Whether you need column wraps, railing, or various other composite millwork items, Endura-Craft will trim your project beautifully.


Sometimes the most beautiful solutions are the most simple. Endura-Lite square columns offer the classic beauty that homeowners and commercial property owners appreciate. Made from lightweight fiberglass, these columns are easy to cut, easy to install, and strong enough to carry heavy loads. Like other Endura columns, Endura-Lite columns are decay resistant, water proof, heat proof, and require little maintenance.
For projects that require strong square columns at an economical price point, our Endura-Lite columns are a great way to easily support or wrap existing posts and add tremendous value to the property.


Endura-Classic™ columns are produced using tried-and-true fiberglass manufacturing methods that allow you to order virtually any size and shape your project calls for. These fiberglass columns are perfect for jobs that require odd-shaped columns, large-scale columns, or perfectly architecturally correct columns.

Whether the project calls for whole, load-bearing columns or wrap-around decorative columns, Endura-Classic™ columns are the perfect solution. They can withstand normal construction abuse, weathering, decay, insect infestation, and other environmental influences. For a classic and durable column, Endura-Classic™ Columns are the perfect fit.


Add value to any exterior with versatile Endura-Lum aluminum columns. Endura-Lum columns are sure to enrich any new construction or renovation with the lasting beauty that you seek.
The Endura-Lum selection includes both square and round columns in a wide variety of capital and base styles. Available in several factory finishes, these aluminum columns are prefect for projects that require quick installation times and long-lasting finishes.

With a natural resistance to corrosion, these aluminum columns perform exceptionally well in exterior applications and will never rot or decay and are commonly used as easy replacements for old wood columns.
Whether you need load-bearing or wrap-around columns, Endura-Lum columns are a great option that add tremendous value to any project.

True-Fit Composite Millwork

True-Fit Composite Millwork uses the latest on-demand manufacturing technology, offering a huge library of appliques, onlays, rosettes and other small millwork items in a wide range of sizes. With precision manufacturing to the eighth of an inch, this line of ABS millwork is perfect for those projects that require a very specific size product. ABS products have incredible detail, are fully paintable, and are light weight and easy to install with construction glues. Once finished, they will look like a beautifully carved wood product.

ThermoCast PVC Millwork

Our collection of Thermo-Cast PVC products is the latest offering in our efforts to push the millwork industry forward utilizing modern technologies to make classic products. Thermo-Cast PVC products have beautiful architectural details, are light weight for easy installation, and are available at an economical price point.

Consisting of products like ceiling medallions, 3D wall panels, backsplashes, and more, all Thermo-Cast products are waterproof, dent-resistant, and come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for both interior and exterior projects.

Metal Architectural Millwork

Metal Architectural Millwork is a collection of premium steel and iron corbels, brackets, and meticulously-designed metal embellishments. Hand-crafted metal hardware has been around for thousands of years and continues to be popular in almost every architectural style. Our assortment offers a wide variety of styles, sizes, metals, and finishes. From modern stainless steel brackets to hand-forged iron shutter hardware, Metal Architectural Millwork is certain to have products that fit your project.


When we decided to take on the balustrade product category, we wanted to make sure we did it right. The entire FiberThane® system was designed from the ground up, utilizing state-of-the-art materials for each component. Constructed from pultruded fiberglass, the rails and newel posts are made with some of the strongest and most durable construction materials available and provide support for 16’ tested sections. Our balusters are made out of a structural aluminum alloy surrounded by molded polyurethane, giving you the strength of structural metal and the architectural design and crisp detail of urethane.
To ensure we offer the perfect baluster for your project, our resident architect designed a vast selection of unique and exclusive balusters, totaling over 100 different designs. Our engineers then developed the easiest and quickest installation process on the market. Our patent-pending Quick-Install brackets allow for a clean, finished installation look, while also being the fastest and easiest install method on the market. Overall, with a huge offering of balusters, easy and quick installation, durable materials, and the fastest lead-times, FiberThane® is the best system on the market.


The innovative IronCraft line of corbels, brackets, table legs, and millwork combine the traditional warmth of hand-carved wood millwork with rustic iron-looking inlay patterns, providing an up-scale and completely unique carving.

The faux-iron inlays are available in 14 designs ranging from classic designs to contemporary patterns. Each design is available in a wide assortment of wood carvings, guaranteeing you will find the perfect IronCraft statement product to use in your project. Up-scale your next millwork project with IronCrest carvings.

Signature Series Carvings and Turnings

Truly pieces of art, the Signature Series™ decorative wood columns are hand-crafted with stunning beauty. When you want something unique and above average, the Signature Series™ has no match.

Each design was first drawn by our mast woodcarver and perfected over endless attempts to carve those designs into truly unique columns. From intricate acanthus leaf, to spiral grape vines, from tapered rope to architectural barrel columns, there are 10 beautiful designs sure to become a statement piece in your home.

Available in any wood species, these architectural masterpieces can be ordered to almost any size you need and even allow you to add your own personal flair. If you want a column like no other, this is as far as you have to look.

Colonial Series Turnings

When your project calls for the look and feel of a traditional wood column but you cannot wait over a month for a custom-made product, Colonial Column and Turnings are the perfect product for you. With diameters ranging from 6” to 24”, heights from 6’ to 16’ and several different designs, Colonial Columns are in stock and ready to be installed.

Starting with precision-milled finger-jointed or solid staves, Colonial Columns are glued up with the strongest Typ-1 waterproof glue and turned to exact dimensions. Available with both composite or wood caps and bases, these columns can be used in both interior and exterior applications. When needed a quick, economical, and historic-looking wood column, Colonial Columns are the perfect solution for your project.

Premier Wood Turnings

The Premier Wood line of Wood Architectural columns are some of the most well-respected architectural products in the industry. With the reputation of excellent craftsmanship, precision wood turning, and flexibility to manufacture any column design, these are the most commonly used wood columns in construction. Our Premier Architectural columns differentiate themselves as the finest stain-grade and paint-grade columns available and are available for both interior and exterior projects.

Our manufacturing flexibility not only includes custom sizes and styles, but also wood species. Our long history of manufacturing wood products allow us to acquire any species that you are looking for.
When a truly perfect wood column is needed, there is no better wood column out there than the Premier Wood column.


Our Americraft wood shutters are hand crafted from the most popular wood species and are perfect for clear coating, staining, or painting. Each pair of shutters is made to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit that is true to historic form. With a full line of mounting hardware available, these wood shutters can be installed in a functioning application, or as a fixed mount application using the hardware provided with the shutters.

Available in Cedar, Redwood, Pine, and Mahogany, real wood Americraft shutters add natural beauty and authenticity to any project. When your project calls for genuine craftsmanship, Americraft is your perfect solution.

Builders Choice

Exterior vinyl shutters add the perfect touch of beauty and affordability. Builders Choice shutters are the perfect “bang-for-your-buck” way to add instant value to your home. No other product can make a dramatic curb appeal improvement for less cost and work.

Available in all the most popular sizes, styles, and colors, Builders Choice has decorative shutters that fit every architectural style. Each pair is shipped with appropriate color-matching installation hardware that provide you with a quick and professional finished look. Increase your project’s value today!

Endura Wood

Endura-Wood composite shutters combine the best of traditional wood shutters with composite materials of today. This product offering provides the look and feel of authentic wood shutters without you having to worry about rot, moisture, termites, heat, cold, or deterioration. Endura-Wood louvered, paneled, and board-n-batten styles are all available in virtually size and a wide color selection, but if you don’t see the perfect shutter for your project, our custom shop will be happy to make it.

Solid construction allows Endura-Wood shutters to be used in both functional and decorative applications. Boasting virtually unlimited designs, a thorough offering of sizes, popular colors, the ability to be used for both decorative and functional applications, and a 10-year warranty, Endura-Wood shutters are perfect for almost every project.


The popular movement of incorporating both rustic and industrial designs on the same project inspired us to create IronCrest. IronCrest combines the raw rustic texture of our cedar and fir braces with the refined and industrial feel of wrought iron brackets.

This rustic yet refined bracket will be sure to make your project stand out from all others. With 18 different iron brackets, 2 wood species, rough or smooth options, and even custom capabilities, there is sure to be the perfect IronCrest bracket for your project.


Endura-Thane is a high-density composite material that has the crisp detail of traditional plaster and hand-carved wood millwork, but with the benefit of being light weight, easy to install, and able to be used on exterior projects. This line of urethane millwork is made up of both standard industry designs as well as thousands of our own unique products.

Boasting over 4,000 standard and 15,000 made-to-order items, Endura-Thane is the largest polyurethane line in the market, and it is always getting bigger. Each year we develop and launch over 1,000 new products that are inspired by current and historic design trends.

Each item begins with a finely crafted original master which is then used to make several molds. Ensuring only the highest quality products, each mold is consistently maintained and then immediately replaced if they show the slightest signs of wear. We know that when it comes to choosing a product, price is highly important, but we also understand that quality is just as critical. That is why every order is hand-inspected by our Quality Control Team before it leaves our warehouse. Because your reputation depends on it so does ours.